Sunday, February 18, 2007

For Research Purposes Only

...yeah, right.

36,700 words (but with, I think, good reason)

A big part of life in NZ is the constant presence of the bush at our back door. It's baffling to me that Christchurch has such serious problems with heroin and meth, underage prostitution and suicide and some of the world's most beautiful mountains, ski fields, beaches, and wilderness.

The current book heads into the bush and the next one takes place almost entirely there. So, you see, research was absolutely necessary.

Who'm I kidding? It was bloody marvelous!

(These misty ones were a little before dawn and a little after, respectively.)

I didn't take the laptop, but I did take an actual notebook. Damn compulsive, me...


Charles Gramlich said...

Great pictures. This is more than research. It's renewal for the spirit and that's part of keeping you sharp inside for your writing.

Steve said...

I do feel full of energy, all right. Now if I could just stop scratching these blackfly bites long enough to type!