Monday, October 22, 2007

It Begins.... AGAIN!!!

Kate's making a big push on her WIP and thought a team effort would help her along. Anything to help out a blogbuddy! :-)
So in the interests of Science and Friendship, the old Daily Word Count-o-Meter is once again out of mothballs!
Day One: we'll start with the clock set at 'zero'. Handy for me, since I've *no* idea how much I've already written will go into the torturous Work in Progress. (Anybody like my Dickensian use of Capitals? I do promise to Stop, soon. Probably.)
Official 30 day Word-o-Meter Word Count: 0
There, that wasn't so hard. but wait, there's more.
Actually, we're on Day 3, and I only just got the news. So.... (brief pause while I tally up three days' progress. Feel free to play your favorite music while on hold... still holding.... there!) we jump ahead to ....
Official 30 day Word-o-Meter Word Count: 3511
Staying on track, I guess. I might've done more, but yesterday was spent wrestling my lawn. Right now I plan to post about it on my other blog.
All right, back to work...


Kate S said...

Woohoo! Go Steve, go!

Thanks for the support. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Wrestling your lawn? Was the bout sanctioned by the WWE? And who won? Since lawns are bad guys I figure you pinned it in the third act.