Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Those Little Nippers

Turns out that gentle stoner whose original role was mostly the laying of pipe is a real passive-aggressive, backstabbing bastard.

And a Supporting Actress whose role I didn't (and still don't) quite understand has a lot more sand to her than I'd first thought. I'm starting to see how a gal like that might figure in the villains' denouement.

Oh, and my sweet-natured Innocent Victim? She might be a bit of a liar, and a thief.

At least, at long last, my Hero is finally alone among the villains, isolated and without solace on an estate that makes Thornfield or Manderlay seem like beachside holiday homes. The two Villains have different reasons for wanting him there, and Kane has his own reasons for going.

Yesterday was a day of surprises!

Official Semi-Daily Wordcount-o-Meter:

27,073 words

Will I make my unoffical Dec. 2nd deadline?

Let us hope....


Shauna Roberts said...

A wonderful job of hand painting. Did you do it?

I love how character personalities veer off from what I expect as I write further and further. Sounds like you do too,. It makes me wonder how big a role the unconscious plays in writing a novel, since these many surprises seem to come out of nowhere.

Charles Gramlich said...

Love that Hand-gator. Otherwise, sounds like you've got a bunch of unruly characters on your hand. Ever mention to them that they "could be the next to go?" Maybe that would straighten them up.

cs harris said...

Great gator! Sounds like your subconscious is very clever and brings everything together in the end. Mine needs more discipline, or it causes me all kinds of grief!

Sphinx Ink said...

Good post, but I'm glad I followed the link to your post on "Conflict and Laying Pipe." Because back in my (rapidly growing more distant) youth, "laying pipe" referred to another popular activity among the young--which required a person of the opposite sex to perform with, if you know what I mean....

Moreover, your post on "Conflict and Laying Pipe" was very interesting.