Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Fancy and Lisa were both kind enough to give me the Pico. It's flattering (dangerously flattering, perhaps) to hear one is inspiring. Thank you both.

The hard part for me here is picking only five others. So many of you give me so much. Heck, some of you maybe don't even mean to give it: I'm greedy enough and ruthless enough to take inspiration! :-)

So, at risk of giving duplicate awards:

Fancy, back at you! Your bridge project is cool as hell, and you always put a smile on my face. Amazingly, you do it in a second (or third? Fourth?) language. I can order more beer in maybe ten languages, but I can't do what you do, and you make it look so easy!

Lisa, you get one too. Between watching The Founding Wheel come to life and the way you share as you learn, I learn heaps!

Etain, occasional blogger and damn fine poet. Also in a second language.

Wayne, mighty fine writer and too damn cool for words!

And Riss, multitalented, multinational, reminding me always that the artistic life is a self-defined life. Again, she takes the difficult and makes it look easy!


Lisa said...

Wow. You've made my day :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. Congrats. Well deserved.