Saturday, June 26, 2010

Needful Shouts II

More blogs I love to read, and why:

Bernita's Innocent-A:

For my money, there's simply no one better at writing about craft. Or the business of writing. Or the strange and sometimes eerie tone-poem that is our mutual journey from cradle to grave. She's quite simply a wonderful writer.

Barbara Martin's Self-Titled Blog:

Her book reviews are enjoyable, but Barbara's real strength is in her photo essays of Canada's hiking trails. She really brings the Rocky Mountain wilderness to life!

Shauna's Love of Words:

There's a strange phenomenon made possible (perhaps even common) by the internet: friends you've never actually met. I'm actually good friends with many of the writers behind my favorite blogs, and Shauna is one of my favorites. Her wit and charm, good humor and good company make every visit a treat. :)

Frankenstein 1959:

There's no one like Wayne Allen Sallee. No one. Part madman, part poet, a writer and urban visionary right to his core, Wayne has a publishing track record that would be a credit to any wordsmith. His blog is wild, a closer look at the strange and forgotten corners of old comics, cheesy monster movies, his own past and present and above all the fractured, ever-changing face of his beloved Chicago. I don't have the right words to do this man justice...


Charles Gramlich said...

All good ones for sure. Wayne is such a character. No one else lives what he writes as well as he does.

Barbara Martin said...

Steve, thanks for the kind words of introduction.

I have been going through your list of Friends and Neighbours. All have a unique look on life.

Erik Donald France said...

Uber -- will get to 'em!

Bernita said...

Thank you for those wonderful words, Steve.
You are officially a Dear Guy.

Shauna Roberts said...

How sweet! Thank you, Steve, for the mention.

And thanks for the reminder that Bernita is blogging again. I stopped visiting during her hiatus and need to start again.