Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm stealing Laura Lippman's idea to boil my New Year's resolutions down to single words, then to run with those words, well, in your basic Full Throttle fashion.

This year they are two:

FRENCH: Gonna work on the language. (If I'm lucky, maybe the activity as well...) I'm a little tired of being the World's Most Half-Assed Polyglot.

SERINA: Before this time next year, I want the third part of the trilogy finished. I'm going out today (The 1st on my side of the dateline) to get a new sketchbook for it, and I'll start the final chapter from scratch.

There was a third last night, but damned if I can remember what it was. Probably something about living on the moon, or finding the Lost City of Gold.

Sweet, beautiful drunk talk...

How bout y'all?


SQT said...

Happy New Year Steve!

For me-- SHAPE

Everyone always resolves to lose weight for the new year but for me it's about turning 40 this coming year. It's messing with me for some reason and I am bound and determined to hit 40 in fabulous shape. The 30's were tough due to having kids and now that that is done with I'm going to make sure the 40's is a smoother decade.

Lisa said...


or something...

Shauna Roberts said...

Gads, I read Lisa's goal as an "episiotomy." Epistemology sounds much more pleasant.

My one-words goals:


I gained fifteen pounds after Hurricane Katrina, like everyone else, and THEN I gained another five after moving to California and THEN another few after my dad died. My husband says I'm less likely to get blown off the mountains now when we go hiking, but I still hope to get rid of some of the excess baggage in the next year. How that will happen while sitting on my butt writing and quilting I don't exactly know.

Sidney said...

Great pic, and great goals. Good luck.

Barbara Martin said...

Love the skeleton, Steve.

One word resolutions:

Thanks, Steve, this makes everything so much easier.

Happy New Year with good health and creative ideas that pop.

Charles Gramlich said...


Lana Gramlich said...

I don't tend to ever make or have plans--I live far too much in the now (& don't know how to live otherwise.) I'll spit out a couple that I know go hand in hand;
1. Charles
2. Happy
Sorry for my long, recent absence, btw. Been busy with offline life. Best to you & yours in 2009!

Miladysa said...


Happy New Year :D

Glamourpuss said...

Happy New Year!

Well, for me; live, succeed, love.


Drizel said...

Happy new year...YAY.

My One word photography.
I started my own photography business on the side, before October I want to quite my day job in hell and pursue my photography full time:)

cs harris said...

Happy New years, Steve. I did so well with my resolutions last year (read: not) that I'd decided to save time and simply recycle. But I really like "live, succeed, love."

Anonymous said...

Hiya Steve, Happy New Year to you. Love the self portrait, I see that new diet is working wonders for your girlish figure.I hope your new year is at least as fun as your last!

oh.. one word goals...





yeah, of course clear as mud.


Cynnie said...



i didnt do enough of that last year :)

AvDB said...

Hey, happy New Year!

I hate resolutions, and don't really like New Year's, but, if I had to commit to a one word resolution, it would be:


Steve Malley said...

Love all those resolutions, folks. They kinda make me wish mine were better!

Happy new year to all of you, too....


Anonymous said...

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