Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who Knew?

I could survive for 1 minute, 44 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Created by Bunk Beds.net

Seems a little low to me, but these:


Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating


Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Yeah, they seem about right!


Lisa said...

I'm good with the velociraptor for 57 second, which is about 53 seconds longer than I thought!

Barbara Martin said...

For the velociraptor I'd last 1 minute 9 seconds, which is more than I thought.

For the zombies: 56%, so my instincts aren't that sharp.

For the kids: 26, which surprises me.

Where's Charles? He should take these tests. I'd be interested to see how he does.

Sidney said...

I'll check these out and get back to you. I'm not sure how long I might hold out against the velociraptor.

Sidney said...

I'm scoring 54 seconds with the velociraptor. The other two are going slow. Maybe tomorrow.

Leon1234 said...

Those are cool.

Drizel said...


AvDB said...

Velociraptor -- 1 minute, six seconds

Zombies -- 67%

Kids -- 27 (not even a full kindergaten class. Dag.)

Shauna Roberts said...

Only 44 seconds with the velociraptor for me. :-(

Anonymous said...

Cliff said:
31 kids(they must be foreign)
1.22 minutes with the Raptor(they did say sharp claws..right?)
and a whopping 61% chance with the zombies ( but no time reference, How long do I have to survive? if it is too long then they must go)

SQT said...

Dude, you're good. I got a minute and a half with the raptor. 60% on the zombie thing (damn loved ones) and 33 kids. Apparently I'm heartless when it comes to strange kids...

Glamourpuss said...

You have to be ruthless with those little kids. Ruthless.


Lana Gramlich said...

The number of five year olds I can take in a fight; Application Error.
I'm assuming that I'm THAT wicked that I'd totally kick @$$!
I'd fare less well w/the velociraptor, though; 51 seconds.

Charles Gramlich said...

But, but, what if I sleep with a gun under my pillow? Does that help me with the velociraptor? And what if the real velociraptor was actually only a foot or so tall as opposed to the movie versions? Does that help? I lasted 1 min, 14 sec.

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