Thursday, June 24, 2010

Needful Shouts I

Last night blogger was being a little cranky. So was I, once the codeine wore off. I did manage to remove the old links, the dead links and the links I haven't traveled since forever. Tonight (and I suspect for a few nights to come), I'll be adding new ones.

And it occured to me, maybe y'all would enjoy seeing what I'm reading and why. You never know, you just might find a new favourite! :-)

I'll do a few at a time. Tonight, in no particular order:

The Dreaming Tree:

Lana Gramlich is one heck of a fine painter and photographer. A few minutes spent looking at the pretty pictures never fails to inspire...

Erik's Choice:

Erik Donald France writes about architecture and old times, urban planning and book reviews and the Blues. It's an eclectic mix, always entertaining.

Down Under-- Kiwi Thoughts:

Heather Hapeta is a friend, a fellow writer, a lunch buddy and one heck of a well-traveled, on-to-it, entertaining lady. Any of you out there interested in travel writing will find her an invaluable resource.

Lavender, Spice and All Things Nice:

Back when she was in Christchurch, I was a HUGE fan of Melanie's baking. I miss her dearly, but if she hadn't moved when she did, I'd look like Ben Stiller at the end of Dodgeball about now...,

Seriously, her food rocks. I want more.

That's me for tonight. I'm going to take a little codeine, write a few more pages and drift.


Charles Gramlich said...

I am indeed a fan of The Dreaming Tree myself. And I get to have her paintings all over the walls of my house. It's very nice.

Heather - the Kiwitravelwriter said...

Thanks Steve. What a great shout out for me, many thanks :)

Now off to teach a group of older people (no really, even older than me!)"how to run away from home" at the Art Gallery.

Melanie Webster said...

Thanks for the shout out Steve! I have a feeling cake won't make it to Christchurch in one piece (courier might eat it!). I promise when I am next down i'll bake you a cake all to yourself! X

Steve Malley said...

Charles, Lana makes me want to be a wealthy patron of the arts, just so I can buy up heaps of her work. She's just great.

Heather, something tells me you're the right person to teach that one!

Melanie, cake might not make it, but cookies surely would. Or brownies. Slices. Bars... Mmmmmmmmm.... :-D

Bernita said...

I feel the same way about Lana!

Steve Malley said...

Bernita, she's wonderful, isn't she? Also had some nice words about you today... ;-p

Lana Gramlich said...

Aw shucks, hon. You're too kind. *blush/hug* (That cake looks WAYYY too delicious, btw!)

Erik Donald France said...

Hey man, thanks a zillion for the shout-out! Rock on!

Bernita said...

Indeed she is!
In addition to being a warm and lovely woman, with her art Lana speaks to the hidden corners in our souls.

Holly said...

I love Lana's bird photographs :)