Monday, December 10, 2007

Full Throttle Iconography

(A little homage to the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, there! Sorry about the flash burn - the paint is still wet...)

Where y'at, you say? Well....

The hero is isolated and alone. The Main Bastard's implicit threat is increasingly manifest. Innocent and guilty alike are suffering at this man's hands.

The hero has just made a Bad Decision. Fear overruled his better judgement, and he picked up a weapon. Things are.... about to turn very, very, *very* ugly.

Today or tomorrow maybe, he'll see this situation through to its brutal, bloody end.

I had a bit of a peek around on the net for a work-icon to describe my progress. No dice. In the end, I used one of those 'thinking up what's next' moments to whip up my own...

Sometime soon: Simpsons fun!


Charles Gramlich said...

You look totally insane in that sketch. Which is about how I pictured you and just as it should be. ;)

Love the ERB tribute.

Lana Gramlich said...

Beautiful artwork, as usual. The dreds in the bottom sketch kind of look Medusa-esque. Looking forward to Simpsons fun. ;)

Shauna Roberts said...

You're not only full throttle but loving it, based on that big grin. I love that frenzy stage of writing.