Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sweet as Pie...

(this was the pumpkin pie I made all by myself - without even canned pumpkin to help! Mmmmm....)

Right now I'm soooo close to the Final Showdown.


But I've got all these notes about things that need to happen, and things that need to change.

I've got a couple of REALLY important plot points to change.

So I've gone back to the beginning and am doing a rapid rework. And I do mean rapid: roughly 10-20,000 words a day. My word count is staying about the same, mainly because I rip out almost as much as I put in.

Being so close to the end is the best place to see the beginning. And to tighten any flab from the middle. Also, tomorrow or the next day, when I *do* finally reach the Final Showdown again, I'll hit it with the momentum of a runaway bloody freight train!

Synchronicity: After staggering to bed at 1.30 last night (back up 5, but that was Butler's fault), I decided to 'chillax' with Joyce Carol Oates' Faith of a Writer. The essay I picked, Miss JCO talked about doing just the same thing I am, and for just the same reasons.

Oddly, that makes me feel better.

And for anyone who wonders about life with the Tiny Dynamo, I did do an 18"x48" painting on a break from writing yesterday!


cs harris said...

I am awed by your productivity, as well as your ability to go without sleep!

I frequently go back and rework earlier sections right before I write the end. Clarity of thinking, I suppose. Good luck. (And great looking pie--the other photo won't come up, but that's probably just my temperamental internet).

Steve Malley said...

Productivity and sleep: I potter along and take little nanna naps.

I learned from my grandfather. He built a two-story barn singlehanded in less than a month, and he was in his 80's at the time.

There's a lot to do and only so many hours before I'm dead...

Lana Gramlich said...

I love the painting! Pumkin pie less so, but seeing that slice suddenly makes me want one...

Charles Gramlich said...

Great painting. But do tell us what you put in that Pumpkin pie to give you all that energy.

Anonymous said...

"My word count is staying about the same, mainly because I rip out almost as much as I put in."

I feel ya.

Great painting.

The pie image is un-viewable. A Mac problem? Or the internet knowing my love of pumpkin pie is so strong that if I saw it I'd probably try to eat the screen?

RK Sterling said...

I saw the pie. Darnit. :)

Fabulous painting.

Lisa said...

Godspeed on your sprint to the finish. That's an incredible amount of work.

The painting is fabulous. You've burned an image of the Tiny Dynamo into my head that tells me so much. I love the freedom, the movement and the palette you chose. Beautiful.